Thought Patterns Exhibition by Lori Arbel

Jan 10 - Mar 31
Location: Pompano Beach Cultural Center

Pompano Beach Cultural Center • Conference Room & 2nd Floor

South Florida based mixed-media artist Lori Arbel is an active art maker in the sense that she doesn't use an easel, but instead she lays the surface on the table of her studio, constantly moving around it, working from each side and angle until the artwork is complete.

Working in this manner allows her the freedom to engage in the piece in its entirety and not from just one perspective. Using layers of ink, paint and other markings, applied with numerous mediums, adds to the physicality of her process, and helps her connect with the composition in this meditative process.

Like the Abstract Expressionist who were committed to expressions of profound emotion and universal themes of post-war mood and anxiety Arbel's work explores psychological moments of modern everyday life, thought process, and how people connect & respond to them.

Thought Patterns Exhibition by Lori Arbel